Hello all!
Lately I have noticed how many different foundations I have in my make up bag. Starting from drugstore and ending with selective brands.
I must be honest – I have never tried MAC, Bobby Brown or MUFE foundations which are considered as one of the best ever. But somehow I have always felt satisfied with the foundations I have, not to mention the price difference. It is always easier to experiment with foundations (and make up in general) when you don’t have to spend a fortune and don’t feel so disappointed if it doesn’t fit you.
Anyways, back to the case – what have I tried and what are my thoughts about these:
* RIMMEL Lasting Finish – I must say for quite a while this was my fave foundation, the coverage is very good, the finish is quite matt, it smells perfumy, I have also used it for a lot of my clients during shoots and filming, does it’s job very well. Price – £8,29
* MILANI Conceal+Perfect – this took place of Rimmel. Tried it from my friend, make-up artist, who said that she will never ever buy MUFE again, because Milani is 4 times (!!!!) cheaper and coverage is flawless. I use it now on the days I feel I have a lot to hide. I could say, it’s a holly grail in my make up bag. I stopped using it on everyday bases because my skin got very used to it and started to be quite oily at the end of the day. Price – £13
* THE BODY SHOP Matte clay skin clarifying foundation – bought this when moved to UK. My face started to break out real bad so I was looking for something new in my skincare and make up routine. This foundation spoke to me because of it’s ingredients – mattifying clay and tea tree. OH HAPPY DAYS I thought. I also used tea tree oil products in my skincare and probably the whole combination in total made my skin look more decent, but oh my, this foundation leaves your face so matte! I would say this is a savior to oily skin, but I myself have normal skin with a slight tendency for oilyness. Definitely wouldn’t recomend to someone who has dry skin, because it highlights dry patches, need to moisturise your skin properly to blend the foundation well. Price – £10
* SENSAI Fluid Finish and Cellular Performance – both of these have super light texture, very easy to blend, medium coverage, but if you don’t have a lot to hide, makes your skin very glowy, dewy, I love them in summer and they are perfect for ageing skin, so moisturising and even! Price – £30,95 and £ 59,96
* LANCOME Teint Idole Ultra Foundation Stick – fell in love with the texture of this one since I went on a interview with Lancome. It is creamy but at the same time powdery, blends out so nicely, but better to apply moisturising cream or make up primer underneath. I really love the finish it leaves after blending, stays quite matte throughout the day. The only sad thing I can say – it will run out very quickly, somehow this is a product of high consumption. But in every other way – I love it. Price – £22,95
* DERMACOL – a lot advertised on Instagram and Facebook, the miracle worker, the tattoo covering, the waterproof magic foundation 🙂 I ordered it just because I wanted to see if it really does cover up the tattoos 100% as they show. Not that I need that, just out of curiosity. I completely missed my shade but oh well. Of course it did not cover my tattoos as showed on the ad, but coverage on the face was quite good, the foundation is very thick itself, I use it as a concealer some times, but if someone needs a proper theatrical full coverage foundation for a certain occasion – go for it! Good luck with shade guessing tho, I ordered it on ebay and foundation has like 12 shades. Price ~ £6
* MAXFACTOR Pan Stick – I must say – this one + Lancome foundation stick = my face adores it! My fave combo lately. Fist I was using this only for hiding some imperfections on my face but when Lancome started to go a bit too dark on me (or I started to go a bit pale on Lancome), I tried to blend these two together. Silky finish, good coverage and stays on my face up until the end of a looong day. Price – £7,99

Ofcourse I have used many other brand foundations aswell (and have atleast x10 times more others I want to try) but these are the ones currently in my make up bag.

Let me know about your holly grail foundations and have you used any of the ones I mentioned.